Escape the encirclement! (MURSKA SOBOTA)


Attacking: the Axis.

Historical background:

October 18th 1941 
Hungarian police forces have surrounded the grove in Grančani. Štefan Kovač – Marko perished in this action.

The Hungarians have captured Evgen Kardoš, a member of the resistance, with a list of collaborators and sympathizers and with a certain highlighted date: October 18th. Kardoš was brutally tortured into confession that it meant the day when the local leadership was supposed to meet their supporters in the Križančev oak grove next to Gančani. The police convinced him to lure his comrades Kovač and Megla into the Hungarian trap. Kovač was killed on sight while Megla, albeit wounded, and the others managed to escape. Kardoš was later executed by hanging in the Murska Sobota castle courtyard.