Join the partisans!

Join the Partisans (Postani partizan) is a WW2 board game with a historical background where players play as Slovenian Partisans to liberate their country.

Join the partisans

Roll the dice to win battles against the evil Axis powers, answer quiz questions on WW2 and perform various other tasks, including singing, drawing or even preparing food for your fellow comrades, all to win the liberation war!

Each player starts with a set of:

one Partisan figurine
Postani partizan Brinapartisan FrantaJoin the partisans

one white guard tower
White guard tower

one coloured guard tower (red, orange, blue or green) 

Players start the game by placing their Partisan figurines onto the gameboard which represents Slovenia occupied by the Axis occupation forces: players can choose among 130 cities, towns and villages.
Then they put the white guard tower anywhere on the map as well and draw their first mission card from the 1941 pile from the General Headquarters (HQ).

The mission card tells them where to place the coloured guard tower
and what is the mission they have to complete.

Time progression in the game: players start in 1941 and end the game in 1945 – hence 5 stacks of mission cards: one per year (150 missions).

If the attacking player fails to complete their mission they must wait for their next turn and then try again. If they win, they receive a card from the Partisan school.

The Partisan school is a collection of cards with quiz questions on WW2 – which bring extra points.

After the players complete their orders from the General Headquarters (HQ), they start advancing towards the white guard tower in order to capture it (with a special D3 dice).
When the player reaches the white guard tower, he draws a Special ops card from the pile.

These cards include missions like: Liberate the prisoners, Blow up the bridge, Evacuate the wounded, Destroy the enemy airfield… and many more.

When both guard towers (white and coloured) are eliminated, the player advances into the next year. Again, they have to place a white guard tower somewhere on the map and draw a card from the 1942 pile which reveals their new mission and where to place the coloured guard tower.
The player who accumulates the most points from the Partisan school and from Special missions is declared the winner.

During WW2 lots of brave people from different nationalities managed to join partisan forces in Yugoslavia. Here are some of them:

Join the partisans - Vasilij

And yes, you too can be awarded with a special medal for bravery!

Author: Darko Nikolovski

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