This battle was the first direct confrontation between the Slovene Partisans and Nazi Germany armed forces and took place between January 9th and January 11th 1942, in the German-annexed part of Slovenia.
Name of this battle is?

The Battle of Dražgoše
(3 points)

a.) The Battle of Dražgoše

b.) The battle of Pohorje

c.) The battle of Nanos

The Battle of Dražgoše
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For the attack on Dražgoše, the Germans gathered four battalions with more than 2,000 well-armed men, including heavy artillery and a spotter airplane, to attack some 200 Partisans of the Cankar Battalion. Over three days of battles the Germans suffered 69 casualties – 27 killed and 42 wounded – while the Partisans had…how many dead and wounded?

a.) 9 killed and 11 wounded

b.) 11 killed and 9 wounded 

9 killed and 11 wounded
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