From 20th July 1944 on, a company of French fighters was part of the 9th Partisan Corps.
Before they left for their home country (aided by Italian Partisan units), which Partisan brigade were they members of?

The Janko Premrl – Vojko 16th Brigade
(3 points)

a.) “The Bazoviška” 18th Strike Brigade

b.) “The Simon Gregorčič” 17th Brigade

c.) “The Janko Premrl – Vojko” 16th Brigade

The Janko Premrl – Vojko” 16th Brigade
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In the last days of war, French internees who had been freed from the concentration camp in Ljubelj established the Liberté Brigade. How many fighters did it have?

a.) 407 fighters

b.) 106 fighters

106 fighters
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