While the Italian Partisan units in Yugoslavia mostly consisted of soldiers of the disintegrated Italian occupation army, the units within the National Liberation Army of Slovenia were formed mainly from antifascists, especially workers from Trst/Trieste, Tržič/Monfalcone and Videm/Udine.
How many Italian partisan brigades were fighting on the side of Slovene Partisans?

8 Italian brigades
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a.) 8 Italian brigades

b.) 9 Italian brigades

c.) 10 Italian brigades

8 Italian brigades
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Most Italian Partisan units that were formed in the mass uprising following the Italian capitulation were destroyed after the German units occupied the Adriatic coast region previously held by the Italian army. Which battalion was the only one to survive all the challenges of the winter of 1943/1944?

a.) the “Mazzini” Battalion

b.) the “Friuli” Battalion

the “Mazzini” Battalion
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