Meet the Italian Partisans

Ai nostri compagni italiani!
Una canzone per voi dai nostri compagni del TPPZ Pinko Tomažič.

This page is meant for you.

If your grandparents fought against nazifascism this is a page where you can commemorate their memory and share their story with the world so it’s never forgotten.

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From our comrade Nicola

Jure, Frant, Olga, Brina and Sine, defying cold wind and rain, at annual commemoration the
20th of january, of partisan Germinal Cimarelli at Torre Maggiore, on the mountains over Terni, in Umbria, land of Brigata Garibaldina “Antonio Gramsci” (brigade having as military commander Svetozar “Toso” Lakovic from Berane, and two battalions “Tito” composed by jugoslav former war prisoners).
Viva l’internazionalismo della Resistenza!