Attack the enemy outpost!(RUŠE)

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Attacking: Partisans.

Historical background:

September 17th 1941

Join the Pohorska Partisan company in the attack on the German outpost of 50 soldiers on Klopni peak..
14. Pohorska Partisan company fighters attacked the German outpost of 50 soldiers on Klopni peak and drove them to flee. This was the first clash of Slovenian liberation forces with the regular German army. The hut on Klopni peak was manned by police forces and the Gestapo. The clash was in the open terrain and lasted nearly three hours. 7 Partisans have perished, several were gravely wounded. The policemen escaped while the Partisans emptied the hut and set it on fire. The action was politically resonant all over the Štajerska region.