Attack the enemy outpost!


Join the Partisans map

The Partisans attack first.

As a fighter of the 15th Division, join forces with the Croatian 4th Corps to attack Bosiljevo, one of the strong Ustaša strongholds. It is defended by 80 Germans of the 1st Reserve Mountain Jaeger Regiment and 170 Ustaša of the 10th Ustaša bojna (battalon).

June 24th 1944 

The Partisans seized a howitzer and an anti-tank cannon, 26 machine guns, three mortars, 212 rifles and a lot of military equipment. The Axis forces had 212 casualties, 49 were captures and 12 wounded. Afterwards, a large liberation rally was held in Metlika on the 9th of July, attended by some of the most prominent leaders of the Slovenian and Croatian liberation movements, as well as representatives of the Russian, British and American military missions.

Marko Cvijanović (Personal archive from Nemanja Cvijanović)
Partizansan wedding – Marko in Ljubica Cvijanovič
(Personal archive from Nemanja Cvijanović)
The dude in the middle is my grandfather Marko. He was 21.
’45. Karlovac
(Personal archive from Nemanja Cvijanović)