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Attacking: the Axis.

Historical background:

May 13th 1941 
The Italian Carabinieri surrounded members of the TIGR movement.
Following the occupation of Slovenia, members of the TIGR resistance movement hid in the Lovšin’s forest hut in Mala gora near Ribnica. A local spotted them and alerted the Slovenian authorities who in turn alerted the Italian Carabinieri. On May 13th they surrounded and attacked them, aided by the Slovenian policemen. Danilo Zelen was gravely wounded in this first skirmish on Slovenian soil. He chose to kill himself with his last bullet in order to avoid getting captured. His friends Kravanja and Majnik managed to escape and join the Partisan forces. Zelen was thus the first ever Slovenian casualty in the struggle against the occupying forces and domestic collaborators.