Attack the enemy outpost!

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Attacking: Partisans.

You and two other comrades have to attack the enemy outpost in Brod na Kolpi.

Historical background:

April 30th 1942 

A patrol of three fighters from the Južnodolenjski Partisan Battalion entered the village of Brod to attack an enemy outpost manned by 20 soldiers and financial supporters of the NDH. They convinced the National Guard and some villagers with hunting rifles to help them. They surrounded the outpost and invited the enemy to surrender. They refused to yield so the partisans started shooting at them from all weapons. The enemy then changed their mind and surrendered, the partisans seized all their weapons and equipment. Next day, on the 1st May, they handed over control of the liberated village to the Croatian Primorsko-Goranski partisan detachment and celebrated the international day of work with a joint event in the spirit of brotherhood.