Attack the enemy stronghold!


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Attacking: Partisans.

Lead the 14th division into an attack on town of Kočevje which is defended by the 2nd company 1st battalion of the SS police regiment and about a 100 Homeguards.

Historical background:

December 9th 1943

After three days of battle, the enemy’s only point of resistance was from the Kočevski castle. As the castle roof and main entrance caught fire and the enemy was running out of ammunition, the troops of the 314th grenadier regiment and of a battalion from the 19th SS-police regiment came to their aid. They dispersed the fighters of the Tomšič brigade with the help of the air force and forced to withdraw. They broke into town and saved the enemy garrison as it was nearly decimated and had to flee the burning castle. The Partisan units had to flee to the neighbouring hills.