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The Partisans attack first.

German forces are about to penetrate the liberated territory in the Upper Savinjska valley. As a member of the Vzhodnokoroški Detachment, prevent their advancement do Koprivna and stop them in Pristava next to Črna na Koroškem. 

August 19th – 24th 1944

A fierce battle out that lasted for five days. The Partisan units were successfully resisting several times stronger enemy units. Thus they prevented them from entering the liberated territory and expelling the local Slovenian families, and they also incurred heavy losses upon them. The Germans had 60 dead and 50 wounded while the Partisans only had 3 wounded and 5 missing.

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First fighter, commander, national hero Tone Okrogar – Nestl
(1923, Zagorje ob Savi – 1955, Črna na Koroškem)
source: Koroški pokrajinski muzej

First fighter, commander, national hero Tone Okrogar – Nestl
(1923, Zagorje ob Savi – 1955, Črna na Koroškem).

Trained as a locksmith, he joined the partisans of the Styrian Battalion in 1941, was assigned to the Savinja Battalion on September 11, 1942 after the reorganization of partisan units in Styria, and was in a group of 11 partisans who came to Carinthia to spend the winter and from which the Carinthian Company, later the Carinthian Battalion, emerged. He proved himself in all battles as an ordinary partisan and as a commander and was wounded seven times. Finally, he was an operative officer in the headquarters of the Šercer Brigade and was sent to Dolenjska for an officer’s course. He reached the rank of major and was an active officer, most recently retired as a young man with a disability. He died of sepsis, which was certainly the result of past injuries and projectiles he still had in his body.