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Attacking: Partisans.

Historical background:

October 8th 1941 
Attack the town of Šoštanj with the Štajerski Partisan battalion.
The Partisans mined the bridge over the Paka river, severed telephone lines, broke into a police station, burned down a sawmill and a wood warehouse, seized goods from the occupier’s stores and punished some traitors and occupier’s collaborators.

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Partizan Ivan Klančnik – Stojan
(1920, Ravne pri Šoštanju – 1945, Gradec)
vir: Koroški pokrajinski muzej

Partizan Ivan Klančnik – Stojan
(1920, Ravne pri Šoštanju – 1945, Gradec)
Blacksmith’s assistant, employed in Žerjav, from where he joined the partisans, worked for the VOS in the Mežica Valley, and in this role was one of the first partisans sent to the Labot valley in February 1944. Wounded and captured after betrayed by a local man at Breznica near Prevalje in August 1944, he was taken to a hospital in Klagenfurt for treatment, then included in a group of 12 defendants in the last trial before the so-called Nazi “Volksgerichtshof” (People’s Court), presided over by the infamous Nazi judge Dr Ronald Freissler in Klagenfurt on 6 January 1945. Ten were sentenced to death, including Klančnik, who was hanged in Graz on 12 January.