Defend Bela krajina!


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The Axis attack first.

The Partisan liberation of Bosiljevo provoked an enemy counteraction with which they wanted to strike at the heart of the liberated territory, at the Bela krajina region where all the central military and political institutions of the Slovenian liberation movement were stationed. Defend Bela krajina!

July 10th – 14th 1944

The Croatian 8th and 34th Divisions and the Slovenian 5th Brigade in Žumberak are under attack by the 1st Don and the 3rd Kuban Regiments of the 1st Cossack Division brought over from Moslavina, the 10th and the 13th Ustaša Battalion (numbering about 4000 men) plus the 5th and the 30th Ustaša Battalion and two battalions of the German 1st Reserve Mountain Jaeger Regiment. Axis troops suffered heavy losses in these fights, the partisans report about a 1000 men. The partisan units defending the region had 40 casualties and 110 wounded. The Axis troops were burning, looting and committing other crimes in the region during this operation.