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Attacking: the occupying forces.

The Axis forces learn about the presence of a big number of Partisans in Žirovski Vrh so they encircle them with all units they have at their disposal. After three days of fighting and three attempts at breaking free, the battle turns into an Axis hunting expedition where Partisans were shot down from treetops with machine guns and slaughtered in the undergrowth.

Historical background:

August 2nd 1943 

The Axis forces captured 93 Partisans, many among them unarmed, and report to have killed 55. They all were later sent to concentration camps.

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PIONIRJI: Pionirska Brigada Ratitovec, Mladinska konferenca v Cerknem, feb. 1945
Vir: Loški muzej
PIONIRJI: Pionirski odred Ratitovec v Cerknem, 1941-1945
Vir: Loški muzej
PIONIRJI: Pionirji iz Železnikov, januar 1945.
Vir: Loški muzej
PIONIRJI_2: Šmid Janko, Železniki, 1941-1945
Vir: Loški muzej