Attack the enemy outposts!


The Partisans attack first.

The goal is to destroy the railway station facilities, bunkers, bridges and railway tracks to disable them for a long time. Attack the enemy with all your force.

Historical background:

29th Jun – 2nd July 1944

The section was defended by enemy soldiers. During the attack that lasted three days and four nights, the Partisans managed to destroy the railway tracks in about 150 spots. They also destroyed five outposts and ten bunkers along the railroad, eight railway bridges and several road bridges.
Field Marshal Wilson, the Commander of the Allied Forces in the Mediterranean,
sent a telegram to Marshal Tito to congratulate him for this feat. 

The Partisan units were able to seize one cannon, 18 light and heavy machine guns, 3 mortars and more than 60 rifles. They destroyed or damaged 2 tanks, 2 armoured vehicles and two locomotives. The losses were heavy: the report lists 42 deaths and 37 wounded fighters. Enemy losses were estimated at 200 deaths and 500 wounded.